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The members participated sporadically in various trekking programs organized by mountaineering institutes and Youth Hostels Association of India. However, mountaineering being new a sport had not been able to create a desired awakening among campus young men and women. Around fifty students received training in high altitude trekking during the period under report.


The club had trained a total of 70 members. Some of the members had trekked more than 500 Kms. In June 1975, seven members of the club namely, Ripan Kumar, Azad Kaushik, Puran Chand, Yash Pal, Krishan Bajaj, Anand Singh and Mohinder Gupta, scaled the snow covered Sach Pass (14, 400 ft) and trekked 275 Kms in Dalhousie-Chamba-Sach Pass region. (Previously about 200 young people from different parts of the country had failed to scale the pass). Youth Hostels Association of India specially applauded the achievement of our members. During the same period Baljeet Singh, Jagdish Beniwal, Ramesh Vashisht, Deodass Meenowa, Jaiveer Jain, Subhash Kakkar, Rajinder Dabas, Vidhya Bhushan, Rameshwar Lal and Balbir Singh attended 6th High Altitude Trekking Program at Western Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali.

In February 1976, the club organized the 2nd HAU Youth Trekking Program at Chail (Shimla Hills) under the leadership of Capt. S. S. Tonk, a trained mountaineer. The party trekked more than 150 Kms in the Kandaghat-Chail-Shimla region. These members also narrated their experiences in "Yuv Vani" program of Shimla Station of AIR. Honorable, S. Chakravarty, Governor of Himachal Pradesh greeted these young trekkers at tea, specially arranged in their honor at Raj Bhawan. A separate trekking program for girls was organized at Jammu with Mrs. Indu Grover as Incharge and under the overall supervision of Major R. K. Sethi, President of the Club.


Three girl members namely Kalpna Kaul, Nishi Dhir and Preeti Bakshi attended basic course in mountaineering at Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Manali from 1st June to 21st June 1976. These members scaled a peak 16,500-ft high in the Manali region. Another team of boy members including Ripan Kumar, Balbir Singh and Krishan Bajaj attended 98th Basic Course in mountaineering at the same Institute. During the course this team scaled a virgin peak.

Thirteen girl members with Mrs. Indu Grover and Sh. Deepak Grover as their leader attended 7th High Altitude Trekking Program at WHMI, Manali from 1st June to 8th June, 76. These members received intensive training in trekking and mountaineering.

In June 76, a group of nine members, a group of nine boy members attended the 6th National Himalayan Trekking Program with Dr. R. K. Paul Gupta as their incharge. These members covered a circular trek of over 230 kms and crossed Morgan Pass (12,500 ft), the highest point enroute.

The club also organized its 1st HAU Rock Climbing Training Camp (Girls) from 25th Oct. to 31st Oct. 1976 at Khanak, a place 35 kms away from the Campus. 12 girl members attended this camp with Capt. S.S. Tonk as Chief Instructor and Mrs. Indu Grover as their Incharge. Miss Kalpna Kaul and Miss Nishi Dhir acted as the instructors. An intensive training in rock climbing was imparted to the trainees. The financial assistance for the camp was obtained from the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi.

The 3rd HAU Youth Trekking Camp was organized in Oct.- Nov., 76 at Chail (Shimla Hills). A fourteen-member group attended the program and trekked in Kandaghat-Chail-Shimla region covering a distance of 150 kms. During the same period two members of the club, namely Anil Mukhi and Azad Kaushik, went around Northeast Haryana on bicycles, exploring the opportunities for organizing cycle trail.

During the period under report (1976-77), 16 members of the club (including six girls) had been granted scholarships by Indian Mountaineering Foundation for basic mountaineering training. Youth Hostels Association of India gave three other members of the club Scholarships for attending 6th National Trekking Program held in June 1976.


First Ever Successful Expedition from Haryana

During June 1977, the club launched an ambitious plan of sponsoring a mountaineering expedition to the Eastern Himalayas. Four members of the club namely Dr. Azad Kaushik, Miss Nishi Dhir, Miss Kalpna Kaul and Mr. Balbir Singh made history by making successful climb to Ladhaki (18,600 ft.), Manali (19, 000 ft.) and Shitidhar (17,300 ft.) Peaks. With Mr. Nandlal Purohit as the leader of the expedition, other members of the team were Capt. S.S. Tonk, Dr. Deepak K. Grover, Dr. Yash Pal, Dr. Puran Chand, Mr. Dev Dutt Sharma and Dr. Naveen Shah. The success of the expedition was it’s in its remarkable maiden achievement. Expressing high appreciation for the success of this expedition, Mr. Devi Lal, wished many more such climbs in the future. This success led Mr. H. C. Sareen, President, Indian Mountaineering Foundation to exclaim, "Mountaineering has come to Haryana".

The expedition was a joint venture of HAU, Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India and Directorate of Sports, Haryana.

Seventh National Himalayan Trekking Program

A twelve member team of the club, led by Dr. R. K. Paul Gupta as advisor of the team, participated in the Seventh National Himalayan Trekking Program from May 31st to June 18th, 1977 with the financial assistance from the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India. During this adventure program, the members trekked over 230 km in Kishtwar region. The route involved Morgan Pass (12,500 ft.), the snow clad highest point. Members of the team included Deodass Meenowa, Sunil Sood, Manjeet Sethi, Sandeep Sharma, Gurdial Chowdhary, Raj Kumar, Suneeta Madan, Sangeeta Dhingra, Neelam Sisodia, Alka Chowdhary, Asha Setia and Mrs Gulab Narwal.

Eighth High Altitude Mountaineering and Trekking Program

Under the financial assistance from the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India, the club sponsored a team of sixteen members for the 8th High Altitude Mountaineering and Trekking Program, organized by the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (WHMI), Manali, in the Western Himalayas. The team headed by Dr. M. L. Madan, included Kamla Arya, Indrawati, Vijay Bhayana, Usha Rawal, Poonam Arora, Kamlesh Thakral, Neeta Mehta, Rajeev Kapoor, Rampal Sharma, Amin Zargar, Surinder Pal Sharma, Paramjeet Singh, Ram Kishan and Suresh Thapa. The program included trekking and mountain climbing to Palchan, Marhi, Rohtang Pass, Solang, Dundhi, Patalsu Peak, Solang Glacier and Nagar. The team successfully attempted climb on Patalsu Peak situated at an altitude of 14,500 ft. The members of the team gave a creditable performance in mountaineering and trekking and were awarded badges by Thakur Harnam Singh, Principal of WHMI, Manali, with special citation for two of its members. Miss Usha Rawal, who reached the top of the Patalsu Peak along with the boys, was considered outstanding among girl participants.

"Youth for Adventure"- Cycle Trail to Jaipur

A 15-day HAU cycle trail from Hisar to Jaipur and Back concluded on 20th February 1978. The distance covered by the trail was 950 kms (including distance covered in visiting places of historical interest in different cities). The cycle trail led by Sh. R. K. Sangwan as Advisor of the party included Partap Grewal, Dushyant Sharma, Ram Avtar Luthra, Sunil Kumar Sood, Luxmi Chand Saini, Ramesh Chander, Vijaynder Singh, Joginder Singh and Anil Chowdhry. The trail gave the members an opportunity to study the cross sections of people and places. They endured the obstacles that come their way with a smiling face. Later on members of the trail broadcast a radio discussion on the All India Radio, Rohtak on 19th February 1978.

The trail reached Jaipur via Pilani, Nim-Ka-Thana and Shahpur in the evening of 9th January 1978. They left Jaipur on 15th February and reached Hisar via Alwar, Gurgoan, Delhi and Rohtak on 20th February 1978.

Trekking Program (For Girl Members)

A 12-member team from the college of home sciences was sponsored for 8-day trekking program around Shimla. The party led by Ms. Neelam Sud and Sh. S. S. Bisla comprised of Ms. Asha Setia, Seema Bansal, Sandhya, Satinder, Sunita, Meenu, Praveen Sachdeva, Neelam, Sadhna and Pinky Chowdhary. When the party reached Shimla on the 7th February 1978, it started snowing. It was the real adventure of carrying their own luggage and trekking their way under the snow. The party trekked 155 km besides their visits to Himachal Pradesh University, Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla, Indira Hut at a height of 9000 ft, Tara Devi, Shankar Shambhu and Jaku Temples.

Third Rock Climbing Camp at Khanak (For Boy Members)

The mountaineering club organized the 3rd HAU Rock Climbing Camp at Khanak from 6 to 13 February 1978 in which 15 members participated. The party led by Capt. S. S. Tonk as their Instructor included Om Prakash Nehra, Bant Ram Rana, Harsh Mohan Walia, Gurinder Singh, Gurbachan Singh Gill, Roop Kumar Goswami, Anil Kumar Shad, Amarjit Singh Nirman, Rajinder Singh Yadav, Ashok Kumar Chhambi, Bahadur Singh Chauhan, Krishan Kumar Bajaj, Anil Kumar Mukhi and Dr. Azad Kaushik.

During this camp, the trainees were given intensive training in rock climbing, use of ropes and knots, holds, hill walking, mountain hazards and mountaineering terminology. The camp prepared them for participation in the future high altitude camps.


Basic Course in Mountaineering

Four girl members, namely; Susheela Devi, Pinky Choudhary, Seema Bansal and Rajesh Sandhu were sponsored by the club to attend Basic Course in Mountaineering from 3rd June to 2nd July, 1978 at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttarkashi. Scholarships for the course were granted by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. It was a unique, challenging and a thrilling experience for the members as they trekked from Uttarkashi to Lanka, Bhairavghati, Gangotri, Chirbasa, Gomukh, Tapovan and finally climbed a peak, "Baby Shivling" at a height of 18,400 ft. Besides trekking, they also learned techniques of rock climbing, bellaying, rapelling, snow and ice crafts etc.

Fourth HAU Trekking Program at Uttarkashi

A group of nineteen members, comprising both boy and girl members of the club, under the capable leadership of Dr. M. L. Madan and Ms. Neelam Sud, undertook a ten days adventurous programme to Uttarkashi region from 25.5.78 to 6.6.78. The team comprised of Sangeeta Dhingra, Suneeta Madan, Neelam Sasodia, Asha Setia, Prabha Rani, Asha Taneja, Papinder Kaur, Shashi Dahiya, Satinder Kaur, Sandhaya Kanwar, Renu Bala, Sadhana Garg, Anil Mukhi, Rajiv Kapoor, S. K. Thapa, R. P. Sharma and S.P. Chauhan. During trekking, the party covered a distance of 250 km. Trekking along the river Gangotri and going to the point from where the river originates. The team also went to Chaurangi Khal and returned back to Uttarkashi. Then continued the trek to Lanka, Bhairavghati, Gangotri, Bhojwas and Gomukh. The members received all possible help from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi for undertaking the program.

Eighth National Himalayan Trekking Program at Kishtwar (J&K)

A trekking program was arranged in the Kishtwar area under the auspices of Youth Hostels Association of India from 25.5.78 to 9.6.78. The team of fourteen members led by Mr. Deepak K. Grover, comprised of Anil Shad, A.K. Chambi, Dushyant Kumar, Pratap Grewal, M.L. Sangwan, B.S. Chauhan, Lalit Bhushan, R.A. Luthra, Sunil Rastogi, V.S. Rana, G.S. Gill, O.P Nehra, Susheel Kumar and Kartar Singh. The party trekked over 230 km in the Kishtwar region, passing through Ekhala, Sonder, Shirshi, Hanzal, Yourdu, Sarkandu, Inshan, Lahinwan, Daksum, Synthen, Chatroo, an area full of rocks, forests, glaciers, streams and nallahs. All the members crossed Morgan Pass, at a height of 12,500 ft and Synthen Pass at 11, 700 ft in 10 days.

Ninth High Altitude Mountaineering and Trekking Program at Manali

A group of 15 members of the club, under the leadership of Dr. R.K. Paul Gupta, participated in the 9th High Altitude Trekking and Mountaineering Program from 22.5.78 to 31.5.78 under the auspices of the western Himalayan Institute of Mountaineering & Applied Sports, Manali.

The group consisted of members, namely Manjit Sethi, Gurdial Chaudhary, Sandeep Sharma, Raj Kumar Pruthi, Sunil Sood, Ram Prasad Vashist, Uma Kant, Satish Kumar Sharma, Amir Singh, Sher Singh, Farooq Ahmed Zaki, Manzoor Ahmed, Suresh Tyagi, Satyawan Kundu and Mukesh Chaudhary. The party trekked about 125 km; passing through Solang Nala, Beas-Kund, Golaba, Rohtang, Dhundi, Patalsu Peak. The members of the group had successfully scaled Patalsu Peak, at height of 14,500 ft. The members were exposed to innumerable hazards, which were faced with a spirit of adventure and mutual cooperation.

166th Basic Course in Rock Climbing

A group of 14 girl members of the club attended the 166th Basic Course in Rock Climbing at the Gujarat Mountaineering Institute, Mount Abu (Rajasthan) under the leadership of Mrs. Indu Grover, from 4th to 13th November, 1978. During the course, the trainees learnt and practiced different kinds of belaying (hip, shoulder and knee); climbing (3 point, monkey and chimney) and rappelling (American, Long sling and Stomach). All members completed the course successfully and were awarded certificates by certificates by the institute.

The party comprised Asha Setia, Sadhana Garg, Sandhya Kanwar, Satinder Bir Kaur, Anupama Sishodia, Rajni Tyagi, Rashmi Batra, Usha Chhabra, Maya Singh, Seema Kalra, Nishi Manocha, Gulshan Kumari, Sunita Gill and Veena Sachin.


Fifth HAU Trekking Program at Dalhousie-Chamba region

The party consisting of 15 girls, Ms. Shashi Raheja as Lady Incharge and Sh. R.K. Sangwan, Advisor, HAU Mountaineering Club as leader of the party undertook a twelve-day adventurous program in Dalhousie-Chamba region, from 15-2-79 to 27-2-79. The participants were Renu Bhardwaj, Rashmi Batra, Rajni Tyagi, Asha Taneja, Asha Batra, Shashi Dhayia, Nishi Antal, Maya Singh, Asha Setia, Sandhya Kanwar, Seema Bansal, Sudha Rati and Usha. The party trekked through the snow in and around Dalhousie and Chamba, experienceing different crafts on snow.

Sixth HAU Trekking Program at Patni Top region (J&K)

A trekking program was arranged in the Patni Top Region of Jammu Kashmir under the leadership of Dr. P.K. Sareen in the month of February 1979. The name of the members were Ved Prakash, Naresh Kumar, Ranbir Singh Nain, Punjab Singh Nain, Dhir Singh, Arun Kumar Jain, Rajinder Prasad, Roop Kumar, Surinder Kumar, Parveen Sharma, Raj Kumar Paruthi. The party trekked for about 250 kms and visited Kud, Batote, Banihal, Pahalgam, Srinagar and Sudh Mahadev.

Sixth Basic Course in Rock Climbing at Nahan (HP)

A party of 14 members namely, Mr. Anil Kumar Shad, Sandeep Kumar Sharma, Gurdial Singh Chaudhary, Ram Avatar, Harsh Mohan Walia, Sunil Kumar Rastogi, Ashok Kumar Chambi, Gurbachan Singh Gill, Lalit Bhushan Chaudhary, Arun Kumar Sangwan, Yeshi Tsering, Mukesh Chaudhary and Moses. O. Obasi took extensive training of rock climbing in the trimester break at Nahan. Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Manali sponsored the program, under the leadership of Dr. R.K. Paul Gupta.

Second HAU Cycle trail to Amritsar and Back

In the month of February 1979, a contingent of 13 boys under the leadership of Sh. B. K. Chhabra and Sh. Balbir Singh as second leader had ventured to go to Amritsar on cycles. They had an opportunity to gain first hand information of cross-section of people and places of Haryana and Punjab. They covered a distance of about 1100 kms in 15days. The members who participated in the adventure were Sh. Satbir Singh, V.S. Beniwal, Dev Dutt Sharma, Sher Singh, Uma Kant, Satyawan Kundu, M.L. Sangwan, R.K. Grover, Sube Singh Nain, Satpal Singh and Bir Singh.

Seventh HAU Trekking Program in Badrinath Region

A team comprising 14 members of the club was sent for trekking in Badrinath region during, 1979 under the leadership of Dr. R.K. Paul Gupta. The members gained a memorable experience by trekking to Son Prayag, Kedarnath, Govind Ghat, Govind Dham, Hem Kund, Pondukeshewar, Joshi Math etc. The members who participated in the program were Dushyant Kumar, Manjit Sethi, Ram Avtar Luthra, G.S. Gill, Suresh Dhingra, Supesh Kumar, Sukhbir Singh, Gurdip Singh, Uma Kant, Shiv Datt, Vijay Sharma, Joginder Singh, Ashok Chambi and Rajinder Singh. The trek covered by the members was full of varied scenic beauty.

Ninth National Himalayan Trekking Program at Kishtwar

A mixed group of 14 members of HAU Mountaineering Club, led by Dr. A.S. Virk and Miss Shashi Raheja, participated in the program which was arranged in the Kishtwar area, under the auspices of Youth Hostel Association of India from 7th of June ’79 to 20th of June ’79. Team comprised Of Arun Sangwan, Arun Jain, Surinder Kumar, Parveen Kumar, Suresh Tyagi, Subhash Chander, Mukesh Chaudhary, Farooq Ahmed, Shashi Dahiya, Renu Chawla, Sandhya Kanwar and Gulshan. The group covered a distance of 200 kms by trekking a circular route. As many as eight glaciers were crossed by the group, some of them were quite risky as ice had started melting.

Tenth High Altitude Trekking Program at Dharamsala

Another group of 13 boys, under the leadership of Dr. B. S. Dhankar, attended this program in Dharmasala region from 4th to 11th June 1979. The Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Manali, organized the program. The members trekked different places like Triund, Lanka, Kareri etc. They gave a good performance of their stamina. They had also an opportunity to meet the inhabitants of hilly areas and exchanged their views. The party comprised of M.L. Sangwan, Bir Singh, R.K. Pruthi, Sube Singh, Partap Grewal, Naresh Kumar, Dhir Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Randhir Singh, Ranbir Singh, Panjab Singh, Ved Prakash and Pramod Kumar.

Eighth HAU Trekking Program in Shimla-Chail Region

The group of 12 girl members proceeded for this program in Shimla Chail area on the 23rd October 1979. The participants were Usha, Seema, Poonam Arora, Manju Juneja, Seema Goel, Maya Singh, Sudha Yadav, Avneet Grewal, Sukhestej Dhingra, Shashi Dhaiya, Asha Batra and Asha Setia. They trekked through the various tiring paths and covered about 100 kms. The program was conducted under the leadership of Miss Shashi Raheja. Sh. B. R. Chhabra also accompanied the group.

Seventh HAU basic course in Rock Climbing at Mount Abu

An eleven member team of HAU Mountaineering Club consisting of Rajiv Dahiya, Jai Kashyap, K.S. Dangi, Bir Singh, Dharm Vir Arora, Harish Arora, Ajay Sharma, Arun Jain, Jagdip Malik, Balbir Sheokand and led by Sh. R. K. Sangwan was deputed to attend the 185th Basic Course in rock climbing at the Gujarat State Mountaineering Institute, Mount Abu, from 29th October, 1979 to 7th November, 1979.

Third HAU Cycle Trail from Hisar to Rishikesh and Back

A team of 7 members of HAU Mountaineering Club undertook a brave venture of touring on cycle from 9th to 22nd February 1980 to Rishikesh and back. The team was led by a student itself, Joginder Singh while other members were S.P. Verma, M.L. Sangwan, Ramesh Kumar, Mehma Singh, Om Prakash and Kuldip Singh. The members traveled a distance of about 800-km through Jind, Karnal, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Roorkee, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Delhi and Rohtak.

First HAU Elementary Skiing Course at Manali

Keeping its traditions in high spirits and taking them to newer heights the HAU Mountaineering Club had for the first time innovated with skiing at Solang Slopes in Western Himalayas. Fifteen members of the club, led by Dr. Azad Kaushik, attended the ski course organized by the Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institute Manali from 9th February to 23rd February 1980. During the period, the basic techniques in skiing like tip and kick turns, down hill race, snowplough, snowplough turns and stem turns were learnt by the members with great interest. The members of the team were Bir Singh, Uma Kant, G.S. Gill, Pratap Grewal, Manhar Shukal, Kul Bhushan, Ajay Sharma, Arun Jain, Suresh Mittal, Arun Sangwan, Sahib Singh, Dushyant Kumar, Surjeet Singh, Tarun Kumar and Sanjeev Kamra.

Eighth HAU Basic Course in Rock Climbing at Mount Abu

A team comprising of 8 girls, led by Ms. Shashi Raheja was deputed for the basic course in rock climbing at Mount-Abu. They learnt the basic techniques in rock climbing. The members of the team were Kalpna Kumari, Renu Bhardwaj, Sudha Yadav, Rajni Chandiramani, Sunita Jain, Bala Rani Wadhwa, Sukhsatej Dhingra and Seema Goyal.


First HAU Night Trekking Program

For the first time, 127 members of the club obtained experiences of the horrors of night trekking on 3rd May, 1980 on the hinder land of Hisar. Members trekked about 25kms starting at 9.00 PM and returned by 5.00 AM.

Second HAU Basic Course in Mountaineering

A team comprising of 3 girls was sent for the basic course in Mountaineering at WHMI, Manali from 1st June 1980 to 21st June 1980. The members of the team were Ms. Shashi Raheja, Sudha Yadav, and Sukhstej Dhingra. They had the experience of Snow Craft, Step cutting and Rock Climbing.

Third HAU Basic Course in Mountaineering

Seven members of the club led by Mr. G. S. Gill, final year student of the College of Veterinary Sciences attended basic course in Mountaineering at WHMI, Manali from 1st July 1980 to 21st July 1980. Members learnt the techniques of river crossing, rock climbing, snow craft etc. with great interest and zeal. Almost all of them received "A" Grade. The other members of the team were Yoginder Paul Verman, Ram Lal Bhardwaj, Arun Sangwan, Randhir Singh Kairon, Naresh Kumar and Ved Prakah Mehta.

Advance Course in Mountaineering

Mr. Balbir Singh was deputed to attend the advance course in Mountaineering at WHMI, Manali from 1st July 1980 to 28th July 1980. He secured Grade "A" in training.

Eleventh High Altitude Trekking Program at Manali

A twenty-member team of HAU Mountaineering Club led by Dr. B.S. Dhankar and Ms. Shashi Raheja; Advisors of the club undertook the high altitude trekking program at Manali from 24th Oct. 1980 to 1st Nov 1980. Seven members of the team climbed "Patalsu Peak". The participating members were, Mr. Pradeep Singh, Kamal Sharma, Kuldeep Singh, Rajesh Kaporia, Ram Lal Bhardwaj, Rajni Tyagi, Rashmi Batra, Binoo Duggal, Sunita Jain, K.S. Dangi, Jagbir Singh, Seema Goyal, Pradeep Katyal, H.S. Malik, B. B. Sahu, M. L. Arora, Ram Niwas and H. K. Arora.

Ninth HAU Basic Course in Rock Climbing at Mount Abu

A party of nineteen members of the club under the guidance of Dr. A. S. Virk, advisor of the club was sent for the basic training in Rock Climbing at Mount Abu. Members of the team were, S. S. Makkar, Sanjiv Samra, Sudhir Ranjan Garg, Satpal Singh, Om Prakash, M. L. Sharma, Suchi Kakkar, Sudha Sahni, Sadhna Bhargva, Sunita Makkar, Meera Chaudhary, Anurag, Balbir Singh, Ved Prakash, Adesh Bharti, R.K Kairon, Devender Grewal, Sunil Suri, Satpal Grover.

Fourth HAU Cycle Trail to Nainital and Back

A contingent of ten students, led by Sh. Deepak Grover, Advisor of the club, left for cycle trail from Hisar to Nainital on 22nd Oct. 1980. They reached Delhi on 24th Oct. 1980 and sought the blessings of the Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi and Minister of Education and Social Welfare, Sh. Chavan. Party reached back on 3rd November. The team covered a distance of 1200 kms and passed through the Jungles and Tarai area of Himalayan Ranges and plains of Haryana and UP. The members also had the opportunity of preaching the gospel of "Grow More Trees", "Each One Teach One", "Save Environment" and "Embrace Communal Harmony" to the general public. Members of the team also had an opportunity to give radio talks and appear on Doordarshan. The members were Y.P Sharma, A. K . Mantroo, B. D. Garg, Jasbir Singh, Rajender Nain, Ved Prakash, V.P. Sangwan, D.R. Sharma, Vipin Gupta and C.B.Mittal.

Cycle Trail, 1980

A cycle trail of HAU Mountaineering Club consisting of 17 members led by Sh. Y.P. Verma of the College of Veterinary Sciences proceeded to Delhi on 24th January, ’81 to witness the Republic Day Parade at Delhi on 26th January, ‘81. The party returned on 27th January. The following participated, A.K. Mantroo, Ripan Gupta, Pradeep Singh, Satbir Singh, R.L. Bhardwaj, Kuldeep Kumar, Arun Jain, Balbir Singh, Ved Prakash, Ramesh Chander Kataria, Dharam Vir Satija, Naresh Kumar, C.B. Mittal, M.L. Arora, Ram Niwas, Vijay Pal and Suraj Bhan.

Ski Competition for Down Hill and Slalom

Seven members of the club representing Haryana Speakers team went to Manali for participating in this competition against Himachal Speaker’s team. Members were G.S.Gill, Ajay Sharma, Sanjeev Kamra, Tarun Kumar, Manhar Sukal, Uma Kant, S.S. Makkar.

Tenth National Himalayan Trekking Program at Kishtwar.

The National Himalayan Trekking Program organized by the Youth Hostel Association of India was attended enthusiastically by our members under the leadership of Dr. B.D. Garg, Advisor HAUMC, in June 1980.

The members of the team were, Sh. S.S. Makkar, Rajinder Gupta, Sanjay Kapil, Dev Dutt Sharma, K.S. Dangi, Manju Juneja, Sudhana Garg, Meera Garg, Renu Grover, Ashu Bharti, Rajani Arora, Rakesh Arora, Vijay Tonk, Jagdeep Malik, Om Pal Chaudhary, Vivek Vason and Ms. K. Gupta. The party trekked a distance of 200 kms.

Second HAU Night trekking program

158 members of the club including 27 girls undertook a night trekking program on 21st November 1980. The trekking program was full of adventure, infused great confidence among the participants. Members trekked about 25kms.

Seminar on Mountain Sports

On the invitation of Director, WHMI, Manali, the President, Vice President, Secretary and other members of the club attended 2nd Seminar on "Mountain Sports, Outdoor Leisure Activities and the Youth", hosted by Punjab University, Chandigarh, from 26th December to 28th December, 1980. 1st Seminar was also attended at Manali. Shri Deepak Grover was nominated as the secretary of the seminar at both the places.

Inauguration of Indian Mountaineering Foundation Building

Major R.K. Sethi, Deputy Director Student Welfare-cum-President, HAU Mountaineering Club was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of the IMF Building by the Honorable Prime Minister, at Delhi on 24th Oct. 1980.


National Himalayan Trekking Program at Manali

A fourteen-member team of HAU Mountaineering club led by Dr. A. S. Virk and Sh. Sushil Kumar Kharinta participated in the National Himalayan Trekking Program at Manali. The team comprised of Sh. Shiv Kumar, Ranbir Singh Malik, Tejinder Singh Rai, Dalip Monga, Om Prakash, Arun Jain, Girish Kalra, Bharat Rao, R.S. Gahlan, Bhupinder Yogi, Sunil Kumar and Balvinder Kumar. The party trekked about 225 kms crossing Chander Khani Pass at an altitude of 12,000 ft.

Meelam Glacier Trekking Program

A trekking program was arranged in the Nainital region to Meelam Glacier under the leadership of Dr. Jai Pal Singh and Mrs Jail Pal Singh in the month of June 1983. The team comprised of 15 members including the leaders. The other participants were Sh. Ramesh Aggarwal, Ravinder Goyal, Dilip Monga, Harish Gulati, Ravi Thakran, Suneel Gupta, Ranbir Singh, Parmod Batra, Girish Kalra, Bharat Singh, Seema Tomer, Romu Chand and Madhu Chaudhry.

Cycle Trail

A cycle trail of HAUMC consisting of 11 members led by Sh. Subhash Kajal proceeded to Jaipur on Nov.18th, 1982. They reached Delhi on Nov. 26th and Returned Home on 27th Nov covering a distance of 750 kms. The members of the team were Dilbag Singh, R.S. Panwar, Parmod Yadav, Badan Singh Nain, Ram Sarup Moond, Sanjeev Kumar, Mahender Singh, Raju Sharda, Tejinder Singh and Baldev Singh.

High Altitude Trekking Program in Lahaul Spiti

A thirteen-member team of HAU mountaineering Club led by Dr. S.R. Garg, Advisor of the club undertook a High Altitude Trekking Program in Lahaul from 25th June 1983 to 6th July 1983. The participating members were, Mr. Sudhir Kashyap, Vijay Singh, Dhir Singh, Yash Pal Singh, Jagbir Singh, Prem Singh, Raj Kumar, Madan Singh, Amarjit Singh, Bijender Singh, Mohinder Singh and Tejinder Singh.

High Altitude Trekking Program in Dharamshala

A twenty members team of HAU Mountaineering Club led by Mrs. Shakuntla Poonia, advisor of the club went for High Altitude Trekking Program in Dharamshala region. The members who participated in this adventurous program were R.S. Kairon, Hardeep S. Kadian, Dilbagh Singhmar, Rajbir S. Panwar, Parmod Yadav, Chand Seroha, Devender Dahiya, Dinesh Aggarwal, Bal Kishan, Hargyan Grewal, Het Bhan Dalal, Deepak Sharma, Jagdeep, Brahma Nand Gupta, Narender Singh, Vinod Batra, Vinti Aggarwal, Anila Jain and Rita Arora.

High Altitude Trekking Program in Meelam Glacier

A team comprising 18 members of the club was sent for trekking program to Meelam Glacier during November 1982, under the leadership of Dr. A. S. Virk. The members gained a memorable experience by trekking on different tracks along the bank of river to Munisyari, Lilam, and Bugdiar. The members who participated in the program were, Karamvir Hooda, Jagbir Singh, Hardeep S. Kadian, Dalbir Phogat, Dhir Singh, Vijay Singh, Sanjeev Khurana, Virender Rana, Man Mohan Singh, Suresh Bhardhwaj, Subhash Balhara, Iqbal Singh, Om Prakash, Suryapal, Vikram Malik, Yash Pal Ahlawat and Umed Singh.

Self-Organized Trekking Program in Mussoorie Region

A team comprising of 24 members went for trekking in Mussourie region under the leadership of Dr. R. K. Malik and Mrs. Om Vati Shokeen. The team trekked about 125 kms and enjoyed the trekking. The team comprised of, R.S. Kairon, B.S. Dindyan, D.S. Singhmar, R.S. Panwar, Hardeep S. Kadian, V.S. Malik, Sunil Suri, Naresh Sangwan, Dalu Ram, D.S. Phogat, Hardeep Malik, Jagbir Rawat, Sunil Gupta, Sunil Kumar, Sunil Khatter, Bharat Yadav, Radhey Shyam, Romu Chand, Ranu Khanna, Anila Jain, Vinti Aggarwal and Hem Nalini.

Fourteenth High Altitude Trekking Program at Manali (Oct. to Nov., 1983)

A party of 17 members namely, Arun Kumar Sharma, Surinder Singh Gahlawat, Ramesh Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Satyawan Chahar, D.S. Dahiya, D.S. Godara, Birender Godara, Vivek Kumar, Virender Rana, Shiv Hari Verma, Ram Phal Mann, Dalbir Shokeen, Vivek Kapoor, Anju Verma and Seema Dhaiya. The program was sponsored by WHMI, Manali and Dr. A.S. Virk led the team.

Trekking Program in Darjeeling Region

Keeping its tradition of high spirits and taking youth to newer heights, the HAU Mountaineering Club, sent a team of 16 members to Darjeeling for trekking in Unconginial Weather, where the trekkers faced many problems and gained unforgettable experience. The team members were Sh. Balbir Singh Dindyan, Virender Malik, Devender Dahiya, Yash Pal Singh, Iqbal Dahiya, R. K. Aggarwal, Virender Panwar, Satyapal Khokhar, Suresh Bhardwaj, Rampal Mann, Rajiv Siwach, Devender Kairon, Zile Singh, Tejinder Singh. The party also trekked the adjacent region of Nepal, namely, Magma and Jeobari. Dr. R.K. Jain led the party.

158th Basic Course in Mountaineering at Manali

The nine members of the club led by Mr. Sunil Suri, a student of College of Agriculture, M.Sc. Economics, attended basic course in Mountaineering at Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali from 30th June 1984 to 21st July 1984. The other members of the team were Chand Saroha, Sudhir Kashyap, Sukhbir Singh, Ashok Kumar, Bharat Singh, Het Bhan Dalal, Man Mohan Singh and Deepak Sharma.

Ski Competition for Down Hill and Slalom

Five members of our club representing Haryana Agricultural University team went to Manali to Participate in this competition. Members were Ajay Sharma (Team Leader), Balbir Singh Dindyan (Dy. Leader), Dilbag S. Singhmar, Jagdeep Malik and Rajinder Nain.


Trekking Program in Nainital Region

A team comprising of 14 students namely Dr. V.K. Jain, Dilbagh Singh, Zile Singh, Inder Paul Singh Chauhan, Satbir Singh Yadav, Ajit Singh Yadav, Om Prakash, Pradeep Lamba, Dr. Meenakshi Gupta, Anita Dahiya and Seema Sharma, undertook trekking in Nainital Region in June, 1985. They trekked about 127 kms in 10 days. Dr. S. R. Garg, advisor of the club, led the team.

High Altitude Trekking Program in Manali Region

A 13-member team led by Dr. Sunil Kalra attended the program at the Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali, in June 1985. The team comprised of Satyapal, Devinder Kairon, Rajneesh Sharma, Sajjan Kumar, Baldev Gulati, Durgadas, Mahesh Kumar, Arun Tyagi, Vidhya Sagar and Ravinder Kumar Gupta. The team trekked for 7 days and covered 103 kms. They trekked upto Bhrighu Lake, which is at a height of 14,000 ft.

Basic Course in Water Sports

A team comprising of 4 members namely Vinod Kumar, Sudhir Kashyap, Ajay Sethi, Ravinder Rathee led by Sh. Sunil Sharma attended the basic course in water sports at the water sports centre at Pong Dam in July 1985. Vinod Kumar was adjusted the best Canoeist out of a total of 24 participants.


Second Rock Climbing Camp at Dhauj

A team of 29 members of the club led by Dr. Sunil Kalra, advisor of the club was sent in the region of Aravali Hills in Dhauj from 15th February 1988 to 18th February. The group was given elementary training in Rock Climbing in addition to trekking and camping. The members of the team were: Harish Gulati, Balbir Singh, Satya Pal Khokhar, R.S.Parmar, Ramesh Goyal, Devinder Kairon, Ashok Balyan, Baldev Raj Batra, Dev Vrat, Pankaj Kashyap, Jagwant Sehrawat, Rajiv Ranjan, Satish Yadav, Naresh Yadav, Abhinit Subhash, Sanjeev Wadhwa, Sunil Nagpal, Nitin Virmani, Rakesh Gandhi, Rajesh Vaid, Pradeep Batra, Ella Grover, Kanchan Balla, Richa Bansal, Rashmi Kathuria, Ritu Raheja, Sapan Sareen, Ragini Singh, Kusum Joon and Mamta Aggarwal.

Advance Course in Mountaineering at WHMI, Manali

Mr. Satyapal Khokar, Vice President of the club participated in the Advance Course in Mountaineering at WHMI, Manali in the month of July 1988 and got extensive training in mountaineering. His experience proved very beneficial to the other members of the club.

Cycle Trail to Tosham

Nine members of the club participated in one-day cycle trail to Tosham, organized on 20th February 1989, under the leadership of Dr. Deepak Grover. They cycled for over ninety kilometers in a single day to have a glimpse of Aravali Range being crushed by the miners. Participants were Baldev Gulati, Abhineet Subhash, V.P. Bansal, Rajiv Mohan Bhatt, Ashok Balyan, Shiv Kumar, Jagresh Rana, Amit, Sudeep Malik. One more cycle trail was organized, participants were Mrs Kanchan Dhawan, Kusum Joon, Rashmi Kathuria, Sapan, Ritu, Kiran, Satyapal Khokhar, Harish Gulati, Girish, Pradeep Mason, Arun Pilani, Rajender, Satish Yadav, Naresh Yadav and Rajbeer.

Third Rock Climbing Camp at Dhauj

Dr. Deepak Grover, President of the Club led a team of 25 members to Dhauj from 3rd to 6th March, 1989. Dr. S. Gera, Dr. N. K. Mahanjan and Dr. Meenakshi also accompanied as Advisors. Participating members were: Satyapal Khokhar, Ramesh Goyal, Dev Vrat, Sushil Garg, Virender Mohan, Anil Gupta, Anil Nagpal, Kanchan Mongia, V.P Bansal, Abhineet Subhash, Manoj Batra, Ranjit Kharb, Harish Gulati, Baldev Gulati, Abhilasha Bansal, Sameer Dhingra, Devender Singh, Roochi Chopra, Yogesh Pasricha, Bhim Singh, Anita Nagpal, Rashmi Kathuria, Kusum Joon, Mamta Aggarwal and Sapan Sareen.

Night Trekking around Hisar

A number of night trekkings were organized by the club around Hisar. One of them was organized on 12th May 1989, in which about 45 members of the club trekked 45 kms. towards Deer Park. On March 17th, 1990, 25 members participated in night trekking towards Shahbad Village and covered a distance of 35 kms.

Jungle Trekking in Kodai Kanal

To explore the tropical evergreen forests of South India, a team of 13 members was sent to Kodai Kanal (Tamil Nadu) from 5th -15th July 1989. Dr. Sandeep Gera, Advisor of the club efficiently led the team and trekked about 152 kms in dense forests and gained exposure to valuable flora and fauna of this region. Members of the team were, Ashok Kalra, Ved Prakash, Hari Om, Subhash Chander, Bhim Singh, Devender, Jagresh Rana, Naresh Yadav, Ajay Singla, Mohinder Pal, Pradeep Mason, Sanjeev K. Singh, Anjni Kumar.

North Himalayan Trekking Program in Narkanda Region

To impart training in Trekking, Rock Climbing in the Himalayas, Dr. Deepak Grover and Mrs. Sudesh Gandhi accompanied a group of 17 members to Narkanda Region from 3rd to 14th July 1989. They explored this region extensively, visited many villages and studied the culture of the people of this region and also gained a height of 10,000 ft. and trekked about 120 kms. Participants of the event were, Abhineet Subhash, Raj Kumar, Sunil Sharma, Shiv Kumar, Amarjeet, Bhavana, Superna, Sameer Dhingra, Ranjit Kharb, Rashmi Kathuria, Kusum Joon, Mamta Aggarwal, Sapan Sareen, Kanchan, Ramesh Hasija, Ajay Yadav, Satish Yadav.

Basic Course in Mountaineering, Manali

Two members of the club namely, Ramesh Goyal and Ashok Balyan participated in Basic Course in Mountaineering from 1st to 26th July 1989. This program was organized by WHMI, Manali.

Artificial Rock Climbing Camp, Delhi

A group of 26 students under the leadership of Dr. Deepak Grover and Dr. Meenakshi visited Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Delhi for a two day Artificial Rock Climbing from 9th to 10th September 1989 and gained the experience of artificial rock climbing. Participants were Ramesh Goyal, Virender Mohan, Rajesh Malik, Munish, Parminder Tewatia, Satyapal Khokhar, Baldev Gulati, Abhineet Subhash, Mohinder Pal, Ravinder Yadav, Pavneesh Madan, Rashmi, Mamta, Kanchan, Kusum, Simmi Mehta, Meeta Yadav, Neeraj Kakkar, Roochi Chopra, Satish Yadav, Shashi Gupta, Kamal Narang, Ravinder Kumar, Ashok Kalra.

Desert Trekking to Pilani

In our attempt to be given exposure to wide variety of climatic zones, a group of about 25 students had the experience of trekking in the sand dunes of the Thar Desert in the region of Rajgarh. They covered a remarkable distance of 45 kms in just 12 hours and Dr. Deepak Grover was the leader of the team. The participants were, Akshay, Parminder, Pankaj Kashyap, Rajeev Jha, Rajesh Malik, Naresh Kuhar, Ranjit Kharb, Sameer Dhingra, Amarveer Yadav, Pankaj, Pawan Sharma, Jitender Kumar, Satyender Yadav, Bhim Singh, Anil Nagpal, S.K. Gupta, Samander, Rajesh Vaid, Manoj Batra, S. K. Singa, Ramesh Hasija, Harish Gulati, Gaurav and Madhur.

Fourth Rock Climbing Camp at Dhauj

Under the leadership of Dr. D. S. Chopra, 26 members completed the rock climbing camp from 11th to 14th November 1989. The participants were, Ramesh Goyal, Sanjeev Kumar Salayan, Naveen Kumar Vasudeva, Ram Singh Yadav, Piyush Mishra, Ashok Balyan, Virender Mohan, Satyapal Khokhar, Sushil Kumar, Sanjeev Sharma, Viney Kumar Dhama, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Parveen Chaudhary, Vipula Jain, Renu Vinayak, Rajesh Kumari, Ranjana Yadav, Jyoti Mattoo, Jyotsana Madan, Meeta Yadav, Naresh Jindal, Mohinder Pal, Ravinder Yadav, Sandeep Guliani and Pavneesh Madan.

Racee in Kund-Khol-Khetri Region

In order to discover the potential of trekking and rock climbing within Haryana and Adjoining areas of Rajasthan, 7 members of the club visited the areas of Kund-Khol-Khetri from 24th -29th January, 1990. They marked a few good treks in the area for future programs. This group included Ramesh Goyal, Dev Vrat, Ranjit Kharb, Ravinder Yadav, Mohinder Pal, Sandeep Guliani and Pavneesh Madan.

IMF Rock Climbers meet Bangalore

In the Indian Mountaineering Foundation organized program in the month of April 1990, Mr. Satyapal Khokhar participated and learnt new techniques of rock climbing at Bangalore.

High Altitude Trekking Program, Dharamshala (8th-17th, July 1990)

A group of 14 members led by Dr. Deewakar Sharma participated in HATP organized by the Regional Mountaineering Institute, Dharamshala. The team comprised of Ramesh Goyal, Pavneesh Madan, Naveen Vasudeva, Anil Gupta, Shashi Gupta, Rajesh Bhatia, Vishwadeep Dixit, Sanjeev K. Singh and Girish Thakral. The team completed the trek in highly hostile weather.


First Cycling cum Rock climbing Camp at Tosham(11-13 Jan 1991)

Dr. S. S. Siwach and Dr. Meenakshi led the team of 40 members to Tosham. Participating members were Ramesh Goyal, Naveen Vasudeva, Parmod Sharma, Amit Khurana, Maninder Singh, Virender Mohan, Rajeev Jha, Satyender Singh, Jai Prakash Sharma, Dev Vrat, Pradeep Narang, Deepak Suri, Abhilasha Bansal, Amit Uppal, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Akshay, Laxmi Narayan Satpal Singh, Anil Chandra, Vipin Kumar, H.P. Arora, Sushil Kumar, Gaurav Katyal, Ashok Balyan, Uma Garg, Kanchan Mongia, Satish Yadav, Bharat Khurana, Sandeep Mehta, Vivek Pareek, Rajesh Bhatia, Meeta Yadav, Ranjana Yadav, Rajni Arora, Sonia Gahlot, Satyapal Khokhar, Ranjeet Kharb and Pavneesh Madan.

Fifth Rock Climbing Camp at Dhauj (27-31st March, 1991)

To impart the basic training in Rock Climbing a group of 26 members led by Dr. S. S. Siwach, participated in rock climbing camp at Dhauj. Participants were: Ramesh Goyal, Arvind Gautam, Virender Mohan, Pankaj Rana, Jitender Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Balraj Shoeran, Uma Garg, Munish Kumar, Devender Kumar, Sandeep Gupta, Rajeev Pal, Lovedeep Yadav, Satyapal Khokhar, Harish Rawat, Rajeev Jha, Vinod Kamboj, Vinay Kumar, Jitender Dahiya, Sudhir Yadav, Sunil Yadav, Sushil Kumar, Ashok Balyan, Rajni Arora, Sonia Gahlot and Dev Vrat.

High Altitude Trekking Program, Dharamshala (7th to 17th August, 1991)

A group of 19 members under the leadership of Dr. O.P. Chaudhry and Dr. Meenakshi attended this program which was organized by Regional Mountaineering Institute, Dharamshala. The participants were Satyapal Khokhar, Meeta Yadav, Rajni Arora, Romika Sethi, Sabrina Nehra, Sonia Gahlot, Ranjana Yadav, Anuradha, Kavita Arya, Manju Bala, Luxmi Narayan, Devinder Adlakha, Anil Kaul, Bharat Khurana, Rajesh Gupta, Sandeep Mehta, Satbir Singh, Sanjeet Kumar and Vikas Sharma. The team had a good time and gathered some memorable experiences.

Self-Organized Trekking Program in Darjeeling Region 8th – 22nd August 1991.

Another group of 17 members was sent under the leadership of Dr. Deewaker Sharma. The members trekked in Darjeeling area and also trekked to Jaubari, Manibhajang, Gairibas, Kalpokhri, Sandakphu, Molley, Rimbik. Trekkers faced many problems and successfully tackled them. They also gained exciting, thrilling and unforgettable experiences. Participants were, Ramesh Goyal, Rajesh Bhatia, Naveen Vasudeva, Shashi Gupta, Sunil Yadav, Kanchan Mongia, Uma Garg, Vinod Kumar, Dev Vrat, Sushil Kumar, Vipin Garg, Girish Thakral, Sameer Dhingra, Vishwadeep Dixit, Ravinder Yadav, Ranjeet Kharb and Pavneesh Madan.

Second Cycling cum Rock Climbing Camp at Tosham (18th to 20th December 1991)

To give fresh exposure of rock climbing to a group of 26 new members, they were taken to Tosham under the leadership of Dr. D. S. Chopra, President of the Club and Dr. Santosh Khokhar. The group comprised of Snehil Kalra, Tanu Gera, Gargi Chitkara, Anjali Dhawan, Sapan Sareen, Prabhjot Kaur, Vikas Sharma, Sushil Kumar, Upender Bhardwaj, Devinder Adlakha, Ashwini Yogi, Satbir Singh, Sanjeet Kumar, Jitender Singh, Saurabh Kataria, Sanjeev K. Singh, Lovedeep Yadav, Jitender Kumar, Virat Divyakirti, Anil Chandra, Piyush Mishra, Virender Mohan, Ramesh Goyal, Ravi Gupta, Ranjeet Kharb and Pavneesh Madan.

Sixth Rock Climbing Camp at Dhauj

To impart the basic training in Rock Climbing, a group of 29 members under the leadership of Dr. O.P. Chaudhary and Dr. Santosh Khokhar completed Sixth RCC at Dhauj. The participants were Ramesh Goyal, Dev Vrat, Sapan Sareen, S. K. Singh, J. P. Sharma, Amarjeet, Virender Mohan, Virender Malik, Mukesh Kadyan, Anil Chandra, Punit Kumar, Devender Singh, Ashwini Yogi, Satbir Singh, Sanjeet Kumar, Prabhjot Kaur, Vikas Sharma, Upender Bhardwaj, Jagbir Rana, Snehil Kalra, Tanu Gera, Rama Chhabra, Anju Malik, Vidhika Sharma, Mamta Gandhi, Rajni Arora, Rajbir Dhaka, Jai Raj Dhanda, Ravi Gupta and Pavneesh Madan.

On the last day of the camp, club members demonstrated various rock climbing skills to the Chief Guest Mr. S. N. Vashisht (IPS), Senior Superintendent of Police, Gurgoan also the President of the Haryana Olympic Association, Gurgaon Chapter. He gave Rs. 1000/- to the club for the purchase of essential equipment.

Third Cycling Cum Rock Climbing Camp at Tosham 13th-15th March 1992.

Twenty-seven members participated in a 3-day cycling and rock climbing camp at Tosham under the leadership of Dr. S. R. Garg. The kind of punctuality and team spirit shown by the team was beyond compare. Participating members were, Sanjay Narang, Sunil Kumar, Subhash Chander, Mahender Singh, Parveen Kumar, Devender Adlakha, Meeta Yadav, Mamta Gandhi, Rajni Arora, Bimlesh Arya, Kavita Arya, Rama Chhabra, Sameer Bhardwaj, Ranjana Yadav, Uma Garg, Saurabh Shekhar, Neeraj Sharma, Harjeet Singh, Mangesh Kumar, Manish Kwatra, Gopal Arora, Ramesh Goyal, Dev Vrat, Satish Kashyap, Anil Kaul, Ranjeet Kharb and Pavneesh Madan.

Night Trekkings

Eight night trekkings were organized around Hisar from 1990-1992. The purpose was to train members in the art of walking in dark (through forest, fields, deserts and mountain hills) and navigating in the dark using Star constellations as guides.

High Altitude Trekking in Badrinath-Satopanth-Valley of Flowers-Hemkund Sahib Region

Members of the club under the guidance of Dr. Dharm Singh and Dr. Meenakshi, President and advisor of the club went for a hike from 20th to 30th July, 1992 in Badrinath-Satopanth-Valley of Flowers-Hemkund Sahib Region. Members of the team were, Dr. Pavneesh Madan, Dr. Naresh Jindal, Dr. Sandeep Guliani, J.R. Dhanda, Ravi Gupta, Neeraj Dilbaghi, Sushil Kumar, Sandeep Mehta, Devender Adlakha, Puneet, Rajni, Mamta Gandhi, Bimlesh, Kavita and Uma.

High Altitude Trekking in Gangotri, Gaumukh, Tapovan, Khada Pather, Dayara Region, Uttarkashi, UP

Members of the club under the guidance of Dr. Dharm Singh , President of the club, trekked from 6th to 16th August, 1992 in the above area. Members of the team were, Dr. Pavneesh Madan, Dr. Ranjit Kharb, Ravi Gupta, Anil Kaul, Vishwadeep Dixit, Amit Khurana, Deepak Suri, Ashwini Yogi, Munish Batra, Girish Thakral, Anil Sidhu, Sanjeev K. Singh, Love Deep Yadav and Vikas Sharma .

Prayas '93 - Expedition to Mount Hanuman Tibba and Friendship Peak

An expedition to Mount Hanuman Tibba (19,800 ft) and Friendship Peak (17,750 ft) from 3rd to 22nd May was organized by the club. The members of the expedition were, Mr. Satyapal Khokhar, Ramesh Goyal, Dr. Pavneesh Madan, Dr. Ranjit Kharb, Sanjeet Rathee, Ashwini Yogi, Sandeep Gupta, Satbir Josan, Jai Raj, Ravi Gupta, Sushil Kumar, Rajni Arora, Bimlesh Arya, Dr. Meenakhsi and Dr. Dharam Singh.

High Altitude Trekking in Uttarkashi Region

Members of the club under the guidance of Dr. Dharm Singh , President of the club, went for a hike from 26th August to 6th September, 1993. They trekked in the Kalyani, Dodital, Darwa top, Bai Kullu, Hanuman Chatti, Janki Chatti and Yumnotri Area. It was a wonderful trek, exposing the team to several challenges. The teams showed extensive cooperation and determination to come out with flying colors. Members of the team were, Dr. Pavneesh Madan, Dr. Sandeep Guliani, Jai Raj Dhanda, Ajit Nehra, Ram Murti, Ranbir Khatri, Jagjit Singh, Surya Kant, Vikas Pruthi, Krishen Bundela, Sushil, Anita, Neetu Singh, Shelly, Meenu and Mrs Bhatia. Ajit Nehra and Anita were adjusted best trekkers.


Excelsior 2005 (5.75 M)

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Trekking prog in Sikkimupto the base of Everest Base camp.

The trekking program was organized from the 10th to 20th April 2006. This trek was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Naresh Jindal. The group members were Pawan Chahal, Randeep (Vety), Parampal (Vety), Sandeep (Agri), Manoj (Vety), Manoj kemwal (Agri), Raman jeet (Vety), Nitin (Agri), Arun Janu (Agri)

Treking upto Parangla pass(18,600 ft) in the Leh Ladhak region

This trek was organized under the dynamic leadership of Dr. D. S. Chopra from 23 Sept to 6 Oct,2006. The group members were as follows: Dr. Naresh jindal, Pawan Chahal (Vety), Vikram (Vety), Ashish (Agri), S.P.N.Agaliawathi(Vety), Randeep (Vety), Rakesh Rathi (Agri), Manoj Kemwal (Agri), Sunil (Vety).

A group of 20 students is going to attend the National Adventure Festival,Chandigarh(2-9 Feb,2007)

A group of 15 student is going to nakanda for the basic skiing course.(18-28 Feb,2007)

A motorbike exepidition from Hisar to Khardungla [world's highest motorable pass]-18,380 ft was organized by HAU Mountaineering Club.

The team consisted of six members and three bikes.Route covered: Hisar-Mandi-Manali-Rohtang pass-Keylong-Sarchu-Pang-Leh-Khardung la-Kargil-Drass-Srinagar-Jammu-Pathankot-Hisar. The team members were Vikram Sheoran(agri college)-Team Leader, Amit Nain (Vety college), Balwinder Nehra (Agri college), Mohinder Mehla (Agri college), Rajesh (Agri college), Sunil (Jat college, Hisar).