Mountains with their head held high with proud, dancing brooks with their bewitching rhythm, glittering crystals of snow in the sun, serene beauty of 'mother nature' infuse in every human being the subtle, delicate and holy impulses which elevate the soul to the sphere of satisfaction and peace.

To have the touch of such feelings, coupled with the idea to channelize the abundant energies of youth in the right direction, dream of our First Vice Chancellor, Sh. A. L. Fletcher was realized when the Mountaineering Club saw the light of the day in the year 1971. Club named HAU Mountaineering Club was thus born, initially patronized by a few innovators. With the motto 'Youth For Adventure' the baby soon grew into the babyhood.

Soon the members were scaling mountain passes and himalayan heights. Years passed by. The club metamorphosed to become a movement on the campus. The year 1975 made campus girls throng the HAU Mountaineering Club, a male domain until then, perhaps, an event to mark 'International Women's Year'. The tidal wave came up the students tramped, camped, climbed, skiied and cycled. In 1977, four members of the club stood atop Mt. Manali (19,000 ft.), Mt. Ladhakhi (18,600 ft.) and Mt. Shitidhar (17,300 ft.), making the first ever-climbing spree in Haryana. Not only that, the club nurtured in its members the first ranking qualities to make them ahead in every sphere of life at the campus, be it cultural show or blood donation.

In another big expedition called "Prayas '93" two members of the club scaled Mt. Hanuman Tibba (19,800 ft.) and eight members scaled Friendship Peak (18,700 ft.) making another mark in the mountaineering circles.

In the 46 years of existence, members of the club have ventured all across India and thus have excellent knowledge about even the remote places. Members of the club continue to do new routes, new activities all across the mountains and deserts of India.


Brigadier Gyan Singh at Club's Annual Function (1975-76)

The President IMF, Mr. H. C. Sarin addressing HAUMC mountaineers

The President IMF, Mr. H. C. Sarin at Club's Annual Function (1976-77)

Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia at Club's Annual Function (1979-80)

Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia

Dr. R. C. Paul, Vice Chancellor, Punjab University and an avid adventurer at Club's Annual Function (1980-81)

Comdr. Joginder Singh at Club's Annual Function (1983-84)

Col. Cheema at Club's Annual Function (1984-87)

Brigadier Arjun Ray at Club's Annual Function (1987-90)

Brigadier Arjun Ray with the executives of the club (1987-90)