Located in the Aravalli range of moutains, Dhauj is one of the best rock climbing sites providing a convass for adventure sports of all kinds. Dhauj is a village situated between two hilly ranges about 20 kms from Faridabad on the Faridabad Sohna Road. The rock climbing area, which is by the side of Dhauj Lake is further 1.5 kms from the village.

Association with Dhauj started sometime in 1986 and since then HAUMC has been conducting rock climbing camps once or even twice a year. Over the years, rock faces have been clearly marked and provide faces of various difficulties for beginers as well as seasoned climbers.

Sunrise at Dhauj

Aerial View of Dhauj from the North Ridge

Dhauj Camp Site

Rock Climbing at Rock Number 9

Belay Demo

Walk for the Climb


Stomach Reppeling being demonstrated

Stomach Reppeling as seen from below

Dhauj Lake in the morning light

Morning Exercises