Auli is nestled in the lap of snow-capped peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas, in the Chamoli district of Uttar Pradesh, and near the world-famous religious shrine of Badrinath. At an altitude of 2,500 to 3,050 meters above sea level, Auli's well-dressed slopes are flanked by coniferous and oak forests, which offer a panoramic view of Mountains.

If you are out for adventure, fun and frolic this winter find yourself in Auli-in the vicinity of the mountain peaks Nanda Devi and Mana Parbat. Breeze through the chill air and blaze a defiant trail as you go skiing on the well-dressed snow slopes. Or pelt each other with snow-balls on a blanket of snow. And if you're a lover of natural splendour let your eyes get glued to the breathtaking view of snow-capped peaks all around you. The conditions for skiing are perfect at Auli. A 500 meters long ski-lift and an 800 meters long chair-lift link the upper and lower slopes, and snow beaters and snow-packing machines maintain the smoothness of the slopes. Skiers can enjoy almost 20 km of virgin slopes, which provide excellent opportunities for cross-country, slalom and down-hill skiing events.


Auli Slopes